The books are divided into three categories:

  1. Weight Loss & Diet book
  2. Fitness & Body Building
  3. Books from online stores(Not yet available)

Please take note

Categories 1 & 2 are all PLR products from my collection, which you can download as a PDF file, so it’s is immediately available. If you are interested in a specific book, just hit the “Click to get book” button, and send the Title or code of the book (1A or 2B), with your Email address via Messenger, I will send you the info, A.S.A.P. These books are all $2,00 each. If you buy 5 you can choose one for FREE.

All the books got valuable information, and some of them are diet or weight loss products in their own rights.

For the books which I selected from stores, I get a small affiliate commission, but it does not affect the price you pay at all.

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