Ultimate & Powerful Ketogenic Package

Warning !!! - This package Speeds up Ketosis & Weightloss - Guaranteed by the weight loss guru.

This package was constructed to give you the Ultimate & Powerful Ketogenic Package to help you get fast results like thousands already. This is a must-have for fast & effective Keto diet results.

IMPORTANT - Please read!

The Ultimate & Powerful Ketogenic Package must be done in the correct sequence to give you the best results, and if done without cheating it will give you great results as proven already. Easy to follow 3-Step method.

The 3rd element is your key to a successful Keto diet. You will get into Ketosis faster and you might want to do this as early as possible(2 days). It speeds things up, and you will most definitely lose weight.

This program works even better for people who are already on the keto diet(Any Diet)

The "Ultimate & Powerful Ketogenic Package" consist of the following:

1). Main Absolute Keto Book.

2). 3 x Keto Recipe Books. 

      – 40 Keto Breakfast Recipes.

      – Keto Salad Recipes(40). 

      – 40 Keto Smoothies Recipes.

3). Books that play a key role in a successful Keto diet.

      – Detoxify The Body

      – This book is your key to a successful Keto.

4). Bonuses.

      – The 5 Most Common Myths That Stop People From Trying The Keto Diet.

      – Yoga For Everyone

      – Aerobics For Fitness

      – Weight Loss Resolution                             

1 - Main Absolute Keto Book - "Ultimate & Powerful Ketogenic Package"

Absolute Keto Main Book - Budget Powerful Ketogenic Starter Package

Absolute Keto Main Book Index

What is Ketosis? 
How Does It Work? 
A Quick Overview of the Ketogenic Diet 
Measuring Ketosis.
Basics of Ketosis 
Benefits of Ketosis 
Insulin VS Ketosis? 
Ketosis VS Ketoacidosis 
1. What is the length of time you are going between meals? 
2. Are you feeling motivated and feel full of energy throughout the day? 
3. Has exercising become easier? 

Achieving Ketosis 
How to Quickly Achieve Ketosis? 
Foods to Avoid 
Exercising While on the Keto Diet 
What to Expect When Going into Ketosis? 
Dealing with Keto Flu 
Measuring Ketosis 

Why Measuring Ketosis Can Help? 
1. Keto Strips/Sticks 
2. Keto Breathalyzer 
3. Blood Ketometer 
Getting Maximum Benefits 
Quickest Way to Achieve Ketosis 
What do You need to Know About Protein? 
Exogenous Ketones 
Bullet Proof Coffee 
Hidden Sugars 
Fats You Need to Avoid 
Avoiding Alcohol 
The Best Supplements 
What to Do If You Cannot Fast Intermittently? 
Using Keto for Weight Loss 

40 Keto Breakfast Recipes - Keto Ultimate Package
40 Keto Salads Recipes - Keto Ultimate Package
40 Keto Smoothies Recipes - Keto Ultimate Package es

All the recipes give you the exact time spend for preparation, a list of ingredients, and directions.

3. Must have books that play key roles - Detoxify the body and ???

Before you start with your Keto lifestyle you want to get rid of all the harmful toxins in your body, this is actually the right way to start any diet.

Then early in your Keto(2 days), you must do the 3rd step, your body will reach ketosis quicker than the keto diet alone. 

Below you will find the 2 books to take you, step by step through this process.

Detoxify The Body - Budget Powerful Ketogenic Starter Package

4. - 4 Bonus Books - Ultimate & Powerful Ketogenic Package

Let’s be real here. You need to exercise. Your body requires exercise for it to be healthy and function optimally. Working out on keto can deliver great health benefits. To help you discover the advantages of a keto diet.

But be careful what exercise program you choose. When you’re working out on keto, the intensity is vital:

During low- to moderate-intensity workouts (aerobic exercise), the body uses fat as its primary energy source.

During high-intensity workouts (anaerobic exercise), carbohydrates are usually the main source of energy.

Aerobic exercise, also known as cardio exercise, is anything that lasts over 30 minutes. Low-intensity, steady-state cardio workouts can lead to an increase in fat burning, making it a great option for those whose main goal is weight loss.

Below you will get the books to assist you in your exercise.

The 5 Most Common Myths That Stop People From Trying The Keto Diet
Yoga For Everyone - Ultimate & Powerful Ketogenic Package
Aerobics-For-Fitness-Ultimate & Powerful Ketogenic Package
Weight Loss Resolution - Ultimate & Powerful Ketogenic Package

The total value of the "Ultimate & Powerful Ketogenic Package" more than $37.95

Ultimate & Powerful Ketogenic Package

Budget Powerful Ketogenic Starter Package


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