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Unchain Addiction With Nutrition forever.


How to unchain addiction the healthier & smarter way

1. Types Of Addictions & Risk If Not Treated Early

There are a lot of different types of addictions currently, and a clear understanding of the addiction that is being dealt with is very important. It will have some bearing on the types of remedies the nutrition guide can provide. Get all the info you need here.

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The Basics of how to Unchain Addiction with Nutrition forever.

Food addictions – Lots of people struggle with this type of addiction. It is usually directed at the draw to sweetened and overly salted food types. Both of these groups are bad for your health. If there is the added factor of fatty foods thrown into the combination, then the impact can be devastating indeed.


Most of this type of addiction has been found to be linked to the psychological disposition of the person. Treating this in the overall exercise to overcome the addiction is very important to the end result.

Intravenous amino acids addictions – here the detoxification method used includes amino acid therapy. The physical workout, infrared sauna, acupuncture, and massage, are all complimenting elements to the specific nutritional plan laid out to combat this addiction.

For treatment and recovery, amino acid therapy is offered as part of a holistic approach to alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Addiction is a symptom of a deeper problem, in order to treat a person as a whole and to provide the best results, deficiency of nutrients cannot be omitted, in the form of a healthy diet.

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The use of herbs and natural nutritious foods will eventually help to restore the chemical imbalance. This is causing the individual’s health to deteriorate due to substance abuse.

A careful selection of nutrition supplements, vitamins, and herbs can help in the addiction kicking exercise. This will slowly restore the balance within the body system. Including these in the daily diet plan can also help to get rid of simple starches and sugars from the system. Good nutrition can also help the addict and heal the damage done to the body.

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2. Connection Between Nutrition & Addiction

When it comes to addictions the most common way of treating such conditions is rather aggressive and with other chemically approved substances. However, taking a new approach and trying to treat the addiction with a nutritionally based formula might be a beneficial option worth the effort.


All addictions cause the individual to have poor health due to the abuse, the body goes through. This is caused by the addiction to the specific negative elements. Starting with a healthy nutrition plan to recover the health conditions of the patient would be something to consider.

Improved health conditions will then give the addict the energy to keep up with the rehabilitation program. Allowing a comfortable time frame for the desired results to be achieved. The biochemistry in the brain of an addict has been altered drastically through the abuse of such negative substances. The recovery time the brain needs will be further shortened if there is a good nutritional plan in place. The high levels of trans fatty acids found in a lot of foods consumed thus the need for a healthy, balanced meal program that is nutritionally adequate.

Health Food with High Fiber Content

3. The Right Nutrition for a specific  addiction

Almost all addictions cause gradual and progressive damage to the various parts of the human body.
These may include damage to the organ, brain, hormones, immune and nervous systems. But the good news is that treating these with good nutrition can eventually bring the addict back to a healthy body and mind.

Alcohol, drugs, and junk foods are the most common addictions that most people struggle to kick. This affects the complexity of the body system in a negative way. This usually causes the sufferer to fall further away from any chance of recovery.

 Therefore treating the deteriorating body condition with a healthy and nutritional diet plan would be one way of bringing the individual back to some semblance of good health.

Alcohol and Addiction Nutrition

Continue - Unchain Addiction with Nutrition forever.

Alcohol is a major addiction problem that causes a nutritional deficiency in the addict. The liver detoxifies harmful substances and the pancreas regulated blood sugar.  This causing absorption of fats into the system. When there is alcohol abuse these body parts are severely damaged.  Counteracting this with a good dose of vitamin B6, thiamine(Vitamin B1) and folic acid could help to improve the deteriorating situation. Addiction to opiates which would include codeine heroin and morphine generally affects the gastrointestinal system. This very commonly results in severe constipation. When treating this addiction, it is probable that there will be a loss of nutrients which is evident in the electrolyte imbalances. Therefore creating and following a well-balanced meal plan which would include high fiber ingredients such as whole grains, vegetables, peas, and beans would be recommended to restore the balance.

A liver disease that is also caused by addiction to certain substances will also cause health problems but including the appropriate doses of vitamin A and E into the diet plan would help tremendously.

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4. Detox For Addicts

The introduction of negative substances into the body’s system will definitely cause a lot of damage, in the long run, both to the mental and physical state.

However, all is not lost, as there are many possibilities available to try and treat this negative condition once the individual is willing to acknowledge and work towards a positive turn around.


Detoxification for addiction is just one of the more popular recourses used. Incorporating nutritional elements into the detoxification exercise will help the addict build up a healthy body condition. This will help to strengthen the resolve to beat the negative addiction.

When the person is in better health, the chances of being able to have the necessary positive mindset and positive body conditions will be evident. This effectively creating less stress on the individual at a time when all seems against him or her. The immune status and general health can be improved greatly through the use of a proper nutritional plan.

Some scientific research conducted has been able to show conclusively, that the inclusion of a well balanced and nutritional diet plan can be significant in the recovery period of the addict. The inclusion of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins B6, magnesium, folate, and vitamin E, have all shown to dramatically and positively impact the detoxification exercise.

This significant change for the better is very encouraging to those intending to attempt the detoxification program especially if it is for the first time. This natural use of nutrients to launch the detoxification exercise will help the individual come out of the experience in better health both mentally and physically. However, it should be noted that all detoxification exercises should be done with the appropriate amount of knowledge on the use of the various natural remedies and with some supervision.

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Detox drink - Unchain nutrition addiction

5. Juicing to help with Addiction - Unchain Addiction with Nutrition forever.

Seeking alternatives that are less stressful and painful are usually the more popular choices made when it comes to trying to beat an addiction. These addictions may not necessarily only be linked to the society shunning kind, and generally cover almost anything and everything and is commonly recognized in the individual’s inability to turn away from something comfortably.


Juicing has been proved as being a very helpful way of beating addiction. Most practitioners believe that blended and juiced ingredients can be a factor in the first steps towards healing. For the body and mind, it provides the body with the ideal conditions for energized output. Juicing is a very quick and easy way to put the balance back into the cells in the body system so that the process can take place effectively.

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Juicing has been recognized to address issues such as elevated energy levels. Changing the molecular conditions by providing the essential chemical balance needed. Keeping the mental faculties healthy, and not focused on the need to have instant relief for anything and many other positive contributions. When it comes to ensuring optimum productivity the use of juicing for “green drinks” concoctions is most beneficial. The wealth of antioxidants and many other positive elements can all be found in the juices that are designed to provide such nourishments.

 All these elements are needed by the body system for cleansing, healing, and rejuvenation. This contributes to the overall ideal health conditions of the individual.

To kick the addiction habit, the addict will need all the outside help for the body to be able to cope with the sudden deprivation of the negative substances

6. Vitamins used for rehabilitation - Unchain Addiction with Nutrition forever.

In the quest to regain the ideal health conditions enjoyed before the onset of the addiction, the individual would be well advised to seek recommendations on a good vitamin regimen that will promote and rejuvenate the body systems so that optimal health is evident.
Through the course of addiction, it is very likely that the body has sustained significant damage. Getting it back to its optimum state will require all the outside help it can get.
This uphill battle can be assisted and eased somewhat with the inclusion of proper vitamins designed to focus on specific areas that need immediate attention


Information of value

There are several different supplements that can be used to aid in the process to bring the addict’s health back to its optimum. One of these may include taking vitamins with zinc and vitamin C content. Antioxidants that have the ability to neutralize free radicals would come from sources such as beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, zinc, and selenium.

There is also the advantage of taking vitamin B and particularly vitamin B1. Supplements with calcium and magnesium are also recommended, while the use of B complex, chromium, and vitamin C are also becoming popular nutritional therapy ingredients.

Vitamins such as vitamin B complex 50, Calcium, Magnesium, Amino Acid Mix, L-Glutamine, L- Tyrosine are all good elements. Include these when designing a nutritional plan to combat the drug addiction condition in an effective and natural way.
Using essential fatty acids that would come from the flaxseed can also be helpful in the treatment of drug addiction.

 Other vitamins that could be useful in fighting addition would be niacin and calcium which are needed and instrumental in maintaining proper brain functions. The energy source provided by the L-Phenylalanine is also another important nutritional ingredient that is needed for optimum brain functions.

7. Aid of therapy for addiction treatment.

massage-Addiction Treatment

In the quest to overcome any sort of addiction, there is a need to explore as many options as possible. Identify the ones most useful and beneficial in managing to produce the best results. Massage therapy is something that has found a place in the struggle towards beating the addiction, as it is able to provide the mental and physical therapeutic experience that is both calming and effective.


Addiction or substance abuse usually causes major health problems for those in this predicament and also for those linked to the addict. Incorporating massage into the program will allow the addict to have some level of relief at all the various stages of the withdrawal phase. This would include the quitting stage, the withdrawal stage, the detoxification stage, and the eventual abstinence stage.
The physical, emotional, and spiritual phases of the recovery period can directly benefit from the therapeutic touch that is the product of the massage sessions. As the skin is the largest sensory organ of the human body, attention given to the aspect especially if the attention is of the positive kind, the ensuing results will definitely be positive.
Massage therapy is ideally designed to address and benefit in areas that might not be as effective or as quickly affected through the other treatment methods.

 With the use of massage, the addiction treatment will allow for the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine which is actually the chemical messenger responsible for making the body and mind be encompassed with the feel-good aura. This is definitely a good frame of body and mind to be in especially when the usual withdrawal phase can be painful and rather challenging to face. This then helps to keep the individual focused on gaining back the original mental and physical idealness evident, before the onset of the addiction.


Including ingredients such as fresh vegetables and fruits into the diet plan would be a good place to start.
The nutritional benefits derived from these sources would help the addict build back the strength and optimum health position once enjoyed before the lapse into the said addiction.
The leafy deep green vegetable will provide the fiber and nutrients much needed by the body and it can be eventually seen in the brightness of the eyes and the clear skin conditions of the individual.

Herbs and essential oils

Herbs and essential oils are also widely used in the treatment of addictions to create a more comfortable and attainable recovery platform. More often than not the addict will go through a very uncomfortable period which can sometimes be rather painful to endure, thus with the use of such herbs and essential oils the individual is able to achieve some level of comfort and peace throughout this recovery phase. The herbs and essential oils can help to relax, soothe tensions, relieve anxiety, and many other prevailing conditions.
The lobelia herbs have often been recommended in the treatment of nicotine addiction. Though it should only be taken in small doses as the effects can be rather severe. Black pepper has also been known to reduce the dependency on nicotine when inhaled. Thyme and Quassia have been recommended when trying to naturally treat alcohol addiction.

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